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For protection of river and sea vessels, the ship’s system for aerosol volumetric extinction AVE has been developed and certified.

In accordance with the «Rules for the classification and construction of ships of the Russian River Register and the Russian Maritime Register» the ship’s system for aerosol volumetric extinction AVE is used to protect the following premises:

  • Machine rooms for main, auxiliary engines and emergency diesel generators and boilers operating on liquid fuel, fire pumps;
  • Machine rooms for generators and emergency power sources, main and emergency switchboards, electric motors (including rowing machines) and ventilation systems for this equipment;
  • Premises in which the fuel and oil tanks are located (main stock, expendable, waste, settling), collection of subglacial waters; cofferdams;
  • Storages for storage of compressed and liquefied gases, flammable liquids, materials and substances;
  • Freight pumps of bulk vessels. The system is certified and complies with the Technical Regulations «On the Safety of Inland Water Transport and Related Infrastructure», the Rules for the Classification and Construction of Inland Navigation Vessels, the Technical Regulations on the Safety of Maritime Transport Facilities, the Rules for the Classification and Construction of Sea-going Ships.

Elements of the AVE system have passed certification tests of the Russian river register RRR and the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping RMRS.

Generators «TOR-1500» and «TOR-3000» comply with international standards for fire extinguishing systems based on condensed aerosol ISO 15779: 2011 and MSC.1 / Circ.1270 (IMO). In particular, the generators withstood the corrosion test, vibration with a frequency of 10 to 150 Hz and an acceleration amplitude of up to 29.43 m / s, impact (fall from a height of 2 m to a hard base and on a bark — 1000g), to hold at a temperature 250 °C for 10 minutes.

Ship system of aerosol volumetric extinction AVE includes:

  1. Generators of fire extinguishing aerosol (GEA), the number of which is determined by calculation, depending on the volume and characteristics of the protected premises. Generators are installed directly in the protected premises and provide the supply of an aerosol formed from a solid aerosol-forming composition. The fire extinguishing aerosol enters the protected room, where it is distributed in volume and stops burning of liquids and materials, incl. electrical equipment, which is energized at 140 kV. The generator is started by supplying an electric pulse from the UCS AVE to the start node. In the AVE system, the fire extinguishing aerosol generators ТОР-1500, ТОР-3000;
    The extinguishing concentration of the aerosol is 60 g / m3. Such a low concentration of aerosol is due to the fact that it consists of inert gaseous products and finely divided solid particles with an active surface.
    Since the generator uses an aerosol-forming composition that is in a solid state under operating and storage conditions, the generator does not require recharging, maintenance, and is always ready for action.
  2. Block of control and signaling (BCS AVE) designed for remote start of fire extinguishing aerosol generators, signaling for the disabling of ship equipment (shutdown of ventilation, boiler, air conditioning systems, etc.) and activation of a warning about the upcoming launch of the AOT system;
  3. Block of intermediate relays (BIR) is designed to control ship equipment (shutdown of ventilation, boiler, air conditioning, etc.) and warning signaling in the protected area under the control of the BCS AVE;
  4. Light and sound sirens are intended for giving of a sound and light signal «AEROSOL, GO!». The sirens start working simultaneously with the power supply and turn off after the programmed operating time;
  5. Connecting boxes (CB), designed for routing the cable routes of the generator starting circuits to the protected premises.
Equipment of the AVE system is completed on the basis of an individual project of the AVE system of a particular facility.

To calculate the composition of the AVE system equipment, you must contact us to send us a set of documentation for the facility.

An example of installation of shipboard system AVE on a pleasure craft «Moscow-10»

2 protected rooms, the composition of the system:

No. Name Amount
1 Generators of fire extinguishing aerosol (GEA) «TOR-3000» 6
2 Block of control and signaling (BCS AVE 2/3-3) 1
3 Block of intermediate relays (BIR) 3.0
4 Light and sound sirens OSZ-M-2
5 Connecting boxes (CB-16) 1


In June 2011 in the testing laboratory «Flame» of the Naval Engineering Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Pushkin-4, a full-scale fire test of this system was carried out for compliance with the TU and the circular IMO MSC 1 / Circ / 1270 dated 04.06.08.

For remote control of the system of aerosol volumetric quenching AVE, a certified control and signaling unit of the own production BCS, which is part of the AVE system, was used.

In the course of full-scale fire tests, Model A and B foci were extinguished: smoldering materials (wood), diesel fuel in pallets, including a low-pressure jet of diesel fuel with low consumption.

The high fire-extinguishing capacity of the aerosol volumetric quenching system was confirmed by full-scale tests in South Korea for compliance with ISO 15779: 2011 and MSC.1 / Circ.1270 (IMO), which were conducted at the testing center of Koryo Pyrotechnics Co.Ltd. Based on the test data, the company obtained the Certificate of the Greek Maritime Register.