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of the Monorail railway trains

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Use of fire-extinguishing systems in railway and Metro transport proved its value and necessity in prevention of fire and it’s suppression of Moscow mono rail way.

Automatic fire detection and extinguishing system «AFDES EPP MTS»

Consists of the following elements:

No. Name Amount
1 Block control panel for alerting and control «KPOU EPS MTS» 1
2 Block automatic control unit «BAU EPS MTS» 1
3 Block power and network communication unit «BPSK EPS MTS» 6
4 Block addressable fire detectors block «ABPI EPS MTS» 24
 5 Fire-fighting equipment: impulse dry powder module «Buran-0,5» 24
6 Fire-fighting equipment: generator of fire extinguishing aerosol GEA «Doping-2.02M» 36
7 DTBG Sensor 35
8 Block split connection unit several
9 FD (Fire Detectors) several
9 Communication harnesses several

KPOU is designed for:

  • Ensuring the interaction of AFDES — OPERATOR — i.e. to display the current status of the AFDES components on the multifunction display both in standby mode and in the mode of fire or malfunction. Multifunctional keys allow the operator of EPS to intervene in the extinguishing process in order to correct it (for example, in case of any abnormal situation development);
  • Ensuring the interaction of AFDES —control system EST MTS — i.e. for the formation and transfer to the EPS management system of information packages and commands, the implementation of which is required in the process of eliminating the fire that has arisen on the composition. Transmission is carried out via the RS-485 interface automatically;
  • Providing interaction TECHNIC (ENGINEER) — AFDES — i.e. To perform the necessary maintenance, diagnostics and repair of service activities, such as reading the contents of memory, changing software, changing the configuration of the system, etc.

BAU is designed for:

  • Ensuring the coordinated operation of AFDES EPS equipment

BPSK is designed for:

  • Power management AFDES on the car — i.e. to provide each of the components of the system with supply voltages of the required parameters;
  • Switching network channels of AFDES — i.e. to ensure data transmission conditions both inside the car and between the cars in the train;
  • Disconnecting the current-consuming equipment of the car in the event of an emergency (fire) situation occurring on it.

ABPI is designed for:

  • Collecting information from DTBG sensors and diagnosing the operability of the data channels involved;
  • Launching of the main and reserve set of Automatic Fire Extinguishing Equipment (AFEE-MPP «Buran-0,5»);
  • Launching of other AFEEs if they can not be activated from their own ABPIs.

FD is designed for:

  • Determination of an emergency increase in the ambient temperature in the protected compartments.

The fire-fighting equipment is designed for:

  • Feeding the extinguishing agent into the protected compartments;

The fire-fighting equipments are:

  • Dry powder fire extinguishing modules (PEM), generator of fire extinguishing aerosol (GEA)