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EPOTOS association manufacture as well Impulse dry powder fire extinguishing modules that are widely used in fire protection of vehicles.

Fire suppression on the basis of chemical dry powder is as follows: 

  • dilution of fire dangerous medium by gaseous products of powder decomposition or immediately by powder cloud;
  • cooling of burning area due to heat losses for heating of powder particles, its partial evaporation and decomposition in flame;
  • fire-resistance effect similar to screen, gravel and similar flame arresters;
  • inhibition of chemical reactions providing development of burning process, gaseous products of evaporation and decomposition of powders or heterogenic interruption of chains of chemical reaction on the surface of powders or solid products of its decomposition.

Interaction of all these factors provide high fire-extinguishing capability.

EPOTOS association is one of the first companies that scientifically and practically developed fire extinguishing powders designated for fire suppression.

It has been demonstrated by tests that modules «Buran» suppress gasoline burning in the open air (within unlimited ventilation) on the area 10 — 15 m2 for the time less than one second.

Products manufactured by Epotos Group have become commonly used in enterprises of various industries, in automobile and railway transport, in Navy ships, armored vehicles, in energy supply objects. Also they are widely used for protection of personal property.

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