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“Pojtehexport”  Co. Ltd. was founded as a single and exclusive distributor of the “EPOTOS” Group products outside Russia in 2002. After the aerosol generators and the dry powder modules as well as automatic fire fighting systems of “EPOTOS” became well known in several countries shareholders of the “EPOTOS” Group made decision to establish a separate subdivision that was aimed to conduct business with foreign clients.

Currently “Pojtehexport” has close bonds with more than 35 companies in 20 countries. Our clients use powder modules “Buran” and aerosol generators “Doping” and “Tor” as well as automatic systems on their base for fire protection of various objects such as industrial buildings, business centers, storage houses, electric power installations including wind electrical turbines,  metro and railway vehicles, sea and river vessels, busses, trams and other kinds of transportation and stationary objects.